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By J. Takakusu

An advent to I-tsing's (Yijing) list of the Buddhist faith as practised in India and the Malay Archipelago (A.D. 671-695)
The written documents of his 25-year travels contributed to the worldknowledge of the traditional nation of Srivijaya, in addition to offering information regarding the opposite kingdoms mendacity at the path among China and the Nālandā Buddhist collage in India.

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I then returned to Tamralipti. Before I reached there, I met a great band of robbers again ; it was with difficulty that I escaped the fate of being pierced by their swords, and I could thus preserve my life from morning to evening. Afterwards I took ship there and passed Ka-cha 6. The Indian texts I brought formed more than 500,000 slokas, which, if translated into Chinese, would make a thousand volumes, and with these I am now staying at Bhoga. 7 Roughly speaking, the distance from the middle country (l\Iadhyamadesa) of India to the border lands (Pratyantaka) is more than 300 yoganas in the east and i n the west.

India. At a distance of ten days' journey from the 1\Iahabodhi Vihara we passed It is a great mountain and bogs ; the pass is dangerous and difficult to cross. important to go in a company of several men, and never to proceed alone. At that time I, I-tsing, was attacked by an illness of the season ; my body was fatigued and without strength. I sought to follow the company of merchants, but tarrying and su ffering, as I was, became unable to reach them. Although I exerted myself and wanted to proceed, yet I was obliged to stop a hundred times in going five Chinese miles.

Ii, foI. I I b ; Chavannes, p. 1 47. See below, p. xlvi. :; Yen here is not a verb but a particle ; for au analogous U5e, see the Nestorian Inscripti on (Legge, Christianity in China, & c. , p. 2 5 ) , and :t'IIemoirs, vol. ii, fol. 1 3b , line 9· 6 He landed here and met a man from the n orth (Tukhara or Suli), who told him that there were two Chinese priests travelling in the north (whom I-tsing considered to be his own friends), Chavannes, p. 1 06. , No. 1 1 3 1 ) , book V , p. 57. 1 2 = ' = 3 7 e xxxiv GENERA L INTR OD UC TION.

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