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Whatever we do must be based upon the Word. Once people are convinced that what we are doing is scriptural, they can confidently embrace what we are building. Teaching helps us to make the necessary adjustments and corrections needed to build accurately. Teaching exposes the false concepts and foundations that we have built upon in the past. Teaching causes us to operate in truth. Truth sets us free. A new liberty will come in releasing the church to obey the will of God. Teaching also fortifies us against the attacks of darkness that will come for obeying the truth.

The three ministries most churches receive and believe in are the pastor, teacher, and evangelist. Most of the leaders in the local church accept the title and function of "pastor" when it comes to starting and overseeing churches. Most churches have been built around the pastoral anointing. The pastoral anointing has been the dominant anointing of the local church. Most leaders have been trained to think pastorally. Bible schools and seminaries train leaders to be pastors and administrators. This is because many bible schools are staffed by former pastors, teachers, and administrators.

They are realizing that they have a greater calling than just being a pastor of a church. They know they need to make a transition, but do not know the steps they need to take to do it successfully. This book is written to help leaders make the transition. It will provide wisdom to help churches transition from being pastoral to becoming apostolic. Our experience in Crusaders Church of Chicago helps me to help others in making the transition. We have seen our church make this transition with tremendous results.

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