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If the corks pop out frequently, you know it is too soon for final capping. All wines should be stored in a dark cool place. Depending on how dry you like your beverages, eight months to three years aging time produces tasty wines. You will have to experiment to find exactly when you are content with the flavor. At this point, in order to stop fermentation, you may either refrigerate your wine, or bring it to a low rolling boil, then bottle again in air tight containers. I usually age wine for about eight months, which yields a sweeter, but not too heavy-bodied beverage.

Mead (aged about three weeks) to 12 oz. additive. The original preparation was anywhere from 1/5 to 1/2 honey by proportion to the water base. This would yield a beverage with a root-beer-like head and only the very slightest percentage of alcohol. In the interest of pleasing the purist, I have provided recipes for straight, fruited, or spiced meads without using yeast. This eliminates the need to wait for the beverage to age. Just be careful taste-testing during preparation. Because there is no yeast to eat up your honey, if you make it too sweet, that’s the way it will stay unless diluted or infused with juice.

Another important thing to do for yourself is date your beverages. Some wines and meads safely age for years, while other drinks are designed for almost immediate use. Dating your bottles will help you avoid getting a mouthful of vinegar, or something equally unpleasant. And while you’re labeling, put on the ingredients, the magickal methods (if you wish), and so on. This way you have all the information you need in one spot. Finally, as you’re using or adapting these recipes, please bear in mind that not all herbs used in magick are safe for consumption.

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