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Lard was found to yield four peaks containing forty-eight, fifty, fifty-two, and fifty-four carbon atoms, respectively. Fryer et al. (1960) have described the quantitative separation and estimation of simple saturated triglycérides from tributyrin to trimyristin, and have shown that tristearin could be eluted at a higher temperature. They also carried out separations on such vegetable oils as soybean, safflower, cottonseed, corn, olive, and peanut. They report some degradation of the glycerides, but neverthless the "fingerprint" curve Structural Investigation of Natural Fats 25 for each oil is reproducible.

Since only linoleic exceeds one-third of the total fatty acids, the other acids can only appear once in any triglycéride, and all glycerides will contain at least one linoleic residue. In 100 moles of triglycérides: (15 X 3) = 45% will contain L and S; (20 X 3) = 6 0 % will contain L and O; 35 Structural Investigation of Natural Fats (55 X 3 —100) = 65% will contain L and L; and (10 χ 3) = 30% will contain L and Ln. Six possible glycerides exist, three containing L and two of the other three acids, and three containing two L residues and one of each of the other three.

In assessing the validity of the theory of even distribution, it is not easy to assign appropriate weights to the number of fatty acids in a large number of fats which follow this general rule, on the one hand, and the number of obvious cases where the rule, as it stands, does not provide an adequate description of the experimental observations, on the other. The difficulty arises in part from doubts concerning the efficiency of fractional crystallization for estimating the proportions of mixed glycerides present.

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