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By William N. Venables, David M. Smith

This educational guide presents a complete advent to R, a software program package deal for statistical computing and photographs. R helps quite a lot of statistical concepts and is well extensible through user-defined features. certainly one of R's strengths is the convenience with which publication-quality plots could be produced in a wide selection of codecs. this can be a published version of the educational documentation from the R distribution, with extra examples, notes and corrections. it's in keeping with R model 2.9.0, published April 2009. R is unfastened software program, dispensed less than the phrases of the GNU normal Public License (GPL). it may be used with GNU/Linux, Unix and Microsoft home windows. all of the funds raised from the sale of this booklet helps the advance of loose software program and documentation.

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The result of the function is a list giving not only the efficiency factors as the first component, but also the block and variety canonical contrasts, since sometimes these give additional useful qualitative information. 2 Dropping all names in a printed array For printing purposes with large matrices or arrays, it is often useful to print them in close block form without the array names or numbers. Removing the dimnames attribute will not achieve this effect, but rather the array must be given a dimnames attribute consisting of empty strings.

Are factors. The following formulae on the left side below specify statistical models as described on the right. y~x y~1+x Both imply the same simple linear regression model of y on x. The first has an implicit intercept term, and the second an explicit one. y~0+x y ~ -1 + x y ~ x - 1 Simple linear regression of y on x through the origin (that is, without an intercept term). log(y) ~ x1 + x2 Multiple regression of the transformed variable, log(y), on x1 and x2 (with an implicit intercept term).

Chapter 11: Statistical models in R 58 deviance(object ) Residual sum of squares, weighted if appropriate. formula(object ) Extract the model formula. plot(object ) Produce four plots, showing residuals, fitted values and some diagnostics. frame ) The data frame supplied must have variables specified with the same labels as the original.

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